This Won’t Be My Last Massage

I had never had a massage before, but my best friend was insistent that I had to have one. I figured I could not miss what I didn’t even know about, and I am so happy to say that I was completely wrong about that. She finally took matters into her own hands, and she scheduled an appointment for both of us to have a massage at a Bristol beauty salon. I had no idea what to expect, but it certainly was not what we were both given once we were there.

We were treated with the utmost of respect. We were each taken to a table right away, and the massage started right away. She had scheduled a full body massage for each of us. I thought I would be embarrassed because I could stand to lose about 20 pounds, but I quickly discovered that the person giving me a massage was not judging me. Instead, she was very gentle and quiet, and she had me so relaxed within the first couple of minutes. My friend had massages before, which is why she wanted to come here with me, but she did tell me that she had never had one quite like this before.

The entire massage was designed to detox and exfoliate our bodies. I could literally feel stress leaving my body as the massage continued on. The really nice thing about this massage is that it did not end quickly. The massage was scheduled to last for 75 minutes, and those were 75 blissful moments that actually felt like it was much longer. That is how nice it was! I felt so incredibly good, especially after the final part, which was a head massage. I knew that this may have been my first time to get a massage, but it would not be my last!

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