Moving to the Exciting Part of the City

It’s nice to see apartments for Asheville NC, at least some of them anyway, embracing the gentrification movement. If you’re not aware, that’s a movement to refurbish and otherwise revitalize decaying parts of any given urban area in order to make the area more amenable to potential dwellers. No one benefits when a part of the city decays into rubbish. The tax base doesn’t benefit, and the people living there don’t benefit by living in a wasteland. Those who own homes in the area see their property values soar after the area in question gets a nice makeover.

Many people of my generation wish to live in a more urban setting. It’s because we worry about using gas powered cars on the environment, and living in the suburbs means using a car to commute for an hour or two every day. We also like the closeness of restaurants, bars, and entertainment facilities. The fact that you can walk to most places is a big draw. That’s why I am excited about the new apartment complex setting up shop here in Asheville. I’ve been living in a suburban unit and can’t wait to move closer to work and the inner parts of the city.

I signed up for a lease early after I heard about this new complex and got a chance to look at their website and learn more about what it will be like to live there. I predict it will be a huge success and that the units will fill up quickly. They’re even putting some retial shops in the actual buildings, which is certain to be a huge hit with the residents. I won’t even have to go to the store on a bad day! I can’t wait to move in and meet my future neighbors. It’s sure to be a lot of fun!

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