Moving from the Far North to Desert Las Vegas

We moved from Alaska to Nevada in the middle of the summer. I must say that it was an interesting adventure. The temperature was about 35 degrees warmer than what we were used to in the summer. We knew it would be warm all the time, so we did not bring any of our winter gear with us. When my wife got the job she applied for, we started looking for apartments in Summerlin in Las Vegas right away. The kids adjusted fast to the sun and warmth. It took me a bit longer. My Inupiat ancestry has me more genetically programmed to take the cold. By our second summer season, I was fine.

The kids tell our new friends and neighbors how I kept the apartment like a refrigerator the first year. I actually work a job at a cold storage facility because it does not bother me. It is funny how I moved all this way to end up working in a place that is cold. My wife is doing great in her job as an architect. She is out in the sun pretty much every day at construction sites. Now into our second year at The Palms at Peccole Ranch, we don’t miss where we grew up. Our life is now established here and it is fun. I like getting up in the morning and looking out the windows of our apartment to soak up the light. The vaulted ceilings make our place feel open and airy too. Where we moved from you live in boxy structures that are super insulated. Back there even the water pipes travel through a heated tunnel from the water plant to your home.

This is like a whole new world for us, and we are enjoying it. We have a private balcony I like to sit out on with my wife to just talk about our days. The view from our apartment is also quite beautiful. Things are good.

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