Looking for a New Apartment Complex

I am not really looking for the best apartments in Tallahassee. The truth is that I have just been waiting eagerly for my lease to expire, because I am pretty tired of the neighbors here. There are some of them who seem to spend all of their time partying. In truth they just run on a different schedule than I do. I am getting up way before the sun comes up, while they work until late in the evening. Then they get home and party until early in the morning, before they sleep all day long. That would be their business if they were able to keep the noise down. Worse than that is the fact that the other neighbors come unhinged at this and start making even more noise. They call the police some times and other times they go at the problem themselves, which never makes anything better. It is not a tenable situation and I need to find a better place where I can go to bed and not be disturbed over and over again.

I found this place that I really like, but it is not going to be a practical idea unless I find a roommate. This is a luxury apartment building which is almost within walking distance of the job that I have right now. I could literally get to work in a couple of minutes, which would let me get about another half an hour of sleep in the morning. It would save me close to an hour in the car every single work day. The truth is that the place is just way more expensive than I could afford, but that is not true of sharing a two bedroom place with another person. That would actually be less than what I am paying for a far inferior apartment. You have to get the right roommate however.

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