It’s Funny How Things Change when You Least Expect Them to Change

Friends have told me to use online dating sites to meet someone, but I was not comfortable with dating strangers online. So, it was a bit amusing that I met the person that I want to marry in an online chat room. A year after we met, I began looking for apartments for rent in Tallahassee during one of my visits to see him. I knew that I wanted to move closer to him instead of him needing to move closer to where I was. He had more roots firmly planted in the area, and I was as free as a butterfly when it comes to the ability to be more mobile.

I had never really hung out in any chat rooms prior to meeting my fiance. I had no feelings about them either way, I just didn’t use them. But when a particular military event went on, I found myself going online to learn more about what was going on. During my search, I found an online chat room full of people who are in the military, and I wanted to get their perspective on the situation. And that talking to quite a few people, but there was one particular person that I really connected with. Fours, and he felt a certain way about me too. We had an online relationship, and about six months after that, we started dating one another.

My new fiance has worked for the same company for 15 years, and he’s also a member of the National Guard. I work as a secretary, so I can work pretty much anywhere I want to. We decided that I would move to his City because it’s important that he stays in his job, and he really likes the people in the National Guard who he has known for many years. I found a place and am looking forward to starting a new life with him.

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