I Wasn’t Sure My Family Was Agreeable to Moving to North Miami Beach, Florida

A few years ago I came back from our vacation with a Biscayne Bay tee shirt and key ring along with plenty of good memories. We went down late in the season. The gardens up north were ready to harvest the pumpkins, and the last of the sweet corn had already vacated the store shelves. There was a chill in the night air, and the grass needed cut less and less. However, in Miami Beach it was warm and sunny. When we got home I looked at North Miami Beach apartments online with a thought in the back of my head as to how nice it would be to move there. However, I did not know what my wife and children would think about the idea. The kids had their friends and school they were used to, and my wife liked her present nursing job more than the other ones she had.

I could work as a programmer for any company in the world from anywhere in the world that there was Internet access. I made a decent living. We did not even need my wife’s income. We used her income for things we wanted and for philanthropic things. I walked away from my computer to get a glass of iced tea, and my wife and kids were sitting around my computer when I got back. They looked at me and asked me what I was thinking. I was a bit worried because of their looks, but I just flat out told them I was just wondering what it might be like to live at North Miami Beach up in the North Village right up at the water’s edge of Biscayne Bay.

They asked me if the Treasures On The Bay apartments was what I was considering. I told them that it was. It was my favorite of the apartments in the North Village that I had seen. They all then looked at each other giggling and told me that they were wondering how they might approach me about moving to Florida. The kids wanted to go to college in Florida anyway, and my wife really wanted to not have to endure another northern winter. It was not long before the moving truck was headed south with our belongings, and we were boarding a plane to our new apartment at North Miami Beach.

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