I Got a Pretty Good Job

I got a pretty awesome job from a friend of mine. He was a big wig at this software company in Colorado and not coincidentally he was married to the daughter of the person who founded the company. In fact the two of them were dating when I knew them in college. At any rate they needed someone with my qualifications and they just called me out of the blue. Of course I was only interested once I realized that it was a great opportunity. At the moment I am looking for an apartment in Colorado Springs while I am living in one of those extended stay hotels. I have been thinking about buying some land, because this company has a campus at the foot of a mountain and there is actually a good deal of inexpensive land in the area, the area that is further away from Colorado Springs and the urban areas around it.

I assume that I am going to need something better than what I have once it gets cold up here and that could be almost any day from what I have heard. The people I have met say that you can have a beautiful summer day and then a cold front can blow in and dust the ground with snow. It is not so hard for you to figure out that you need a good vehicle which can handle snow. I figure that I would like to get a four wheel drive truck. I have wanted to get one for awhile and of course that makes a ton of sense if you want to get a place out in the country. In truth I have been thinking about getting a down payment for a little farm and even buying a horse, like my grandfather had when I was a kid.

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