How We Evolved As an Eco-Friendly Company

A number of years ago when I was a young man in this manufacturing business I told my father that owned it that we needed to start becoming more responsible about waste materials. I broached the subject when a competitor was fined for toxic emissions. We were not doing what they were doing, but we had many questionable practices for what is now called sustainability and being ecologically friendly. My dad wholeheartedly agreed and wanted to avoid even the hint of fines for emissions or waste. We did it on our own back then, and now an environmental consultancy firm helps us stay at the cutting-edge of sustainability for our manufacturing operations.

Back then we took a look at our operations asking scientists in our employ to tell us every aspect of our manufacturing that could be a problem for the planet in the long run. That was back before global warming was much of a blip on anyone’s radar. However, the suggestions for change were all taken into consideration, and we first started doing what needed to be done to avoid fines and any bad press. Even though we could afford fines, the bad press could cripple us as a company. So, we did do this in the beginning to preserve our market share and protect the profits. Now we actually go beyond that with a mission to not be a contributor to the problems plaguing our planet when it comes to natural resources and how manufacturing often exploits raw materials.

We are a different company now. We got started being an eco-friendly company because we were afraid of fines and bad publicity. We are not going to deny that. However, we were also the first in this field to make changes to be more responsible, and to be doing it willingly of our own volition. No government body had to get on us or threaten us. We did it ourselves.

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