How We Ended Up Moving to Marietta, Georgia Because of Fresh Peaches

I have actually had fresh Georgia peaches right from the tree. I never would buy peaches in the store or in cans. I did not enjoy the taste. Most fruit you have in stores is picked before it ripens, and it ripens on its way to the store and at your house. The flavor is nothing like you get when you pluck one ready to eat from a tree. We vacationed in Georgia because of this prior experience I had, and then my wife had me looking for nice apartments in Marietta GA that would take dogs so we could just move there. She was weary with where we lived as much as I was, but we never talked about it much before our vacation to Georgia just for her to have fresh peaches.

Okay, it wasn’t the peaches but the overall experience of being in a place that I liked. I was fortunate in that my wife liked it here too. She was telling me all the things she liked about the Marietta area and how she wanted us to move there as soon as we could. We were at the end of our lease back home, and the company I work for moved out of state years ago. I have been telecommuting for them for years now, so I could be in any state and still have a job. My wife could work in any school district as a teacher, and the pay for her skill area paid more here in Georgia anyway.

She had it all planned out for us, and all I needed to do was to line up great apartments to consider. We found the Ashford Retreat apartment homes to suit our needs the best. They would let us have our dog, Peppy, and the amenities were very nice for the modest rent they were asking. There is a lake on the property you see out your apartment windows, the pool is kept in great shape, and the landscaping reminds me of a well-kept golf course. Inside the apartment has big rooms with granite countertops in the kitchen. We were happy to move south and are still happy there today.

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