Getting in on a Great Condo Project Just in Time

New buildings seem to go up all the time on the island of Singapore. The urbanization process seems to be never-ending. I know that we have only so much space to build on though, and something has to give. What I have noticed since the time I was a child is that we are building up not out. We are designing new buildings with outdoor spaces built right into the structures themselves. The Singapore New Futura is such a building. When you look at it from the outside, you will see its two towers and individual floors for residential housing. However, broken up between the floors of regular height Is a section taller than one floor that has swimming pools, trees and more.

Who says you have to make a building floor a certain height? Why can’t there be a floor that has the ceiling high enough that trees grow underneath it? That is what we have here with the Singapore New Futura. The twin-tower design is beautiful at night because it looks like a lantern. The design of the floors gives it a stunning look too. Both towers have aqua centers with big swimming pools and natural areas to relax in built right into the building. It was such a hugely popular project that some floor plans for the condos have already sold out.

We got in at the last minute on a condo we were mulling over. I am glad we jumped when we did to buy a condo in the Singapore New Futura. We are very happy in our new condo, and we are amazed at how good the building looks. It is obvious that a lot of planning went into building this place. Every square inch of the property is designed for residential comfort. I am glad we did not wait a single extra day to get our application in.

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