A Pay Stub That Looks More Professional

When my daughter helped me with some of my work, I wanted to make her feel good about what she had done. Even though she was not doing it to be rewarded with money, I knew that she would really love getting some cash along with her very own pay stub as proof of the work she had done. I had found an easy paystub generator online, and it was not expensive either. Even though my daughter is only ten years old, she actually did help me a lot.

I knew that if I had hired someone, they would have produced faster, but I would have missed the bonding time that my daughter and I had together. It also showed her just what I do for my work, and she has an interest in it now. I don’t know if it is because we spent time together or because she made 50 dollars just helping me for a few hours. When I gave her the check made out in her name along with a pay stub breaking down her hours, she was so happy. She still has the pay stub hanging in a frame in her room.

This taught me something too. While I do love having my daughter help me, there are times when I do need someone who can lift heavy items and even drive. I really liked how easy it was to use the pay stub generator that I found online, and how cheap it was to get such a nice pay stub. I have not had to hire anyone since my daughter helped me, but I know I will in the next few weeks. I am going to use the same pay stub generator to make a pay stub for whoever that it is. It just looks so much more professional that way.

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